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Featured Video: "Margin of Error" from The Great Immensity. Music & Lyrics by: Michael Friedman

For more video, please visit Youtube.

The Civilians is the 2014/15 Artist in Residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

This unprecedented creative collaboration between the forward-thinking Civilians and the globally recognized Met Museum will feature five performances, an original investigation into the American Wing, a group of exciting new audio plays, and educational programming from September 2014 through May 2015.

Learn more about this unique partnership HERE

Purchase tickets to THE WAY THEY LIVE May 15 & 16 HERE

Extended Play is now live!

The Civilians is thrilled to be launching Extended Play, a new online platform for creative and critical discourse around work emerging from investigative theater and performance. learn more here.

Happy Closing from the cast and crew of Pretty Filthy

Thank you to all who helped us along the way over the years, to all our generous Kickstarter supporters, board members and donors, and to our family of actors, creatives and crew who worked so hard to create something truly special on that stage.

Let Me Ascertain You:
The Podcast Series

Let Me Ascertain You: The Podcast is an audio podcast series of performances crafted from interviews with real people about current and controversial topics, including Occupy Wall Street, Atlantic Yards, the adult entertainment industry, Evangelical Christianity, and more. The series includes songs and scenes from past plays and current projects, plus sneak peaks at works in development.

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