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Commissioned by Center Theatre Group

PRETTY FILTHY: A new musical about the other Hollywood.

Music and Lyrics by Michael Friedman
Book by Bess Wohl
Directed by Steve Cosson

Abrons Arts Center
January 31 - March 1, 2015

Armed with their notepads and recorders, The Civilians crossed the mountain range that divides Hollywood from the “other Hollywood”—the San Fernando Valley, world capital of porn. The Civilians’ crew conducted interviews and visited sets to get an insider’s glimpse into a world that is far more than the sum of its (very) visible parts. The creative team learned firsthand that the words of one interviewee, the legendary Nina Hartley, were quite true: “sex on camera is far less sexy and far more ridiculous than you might think.” The Civilians’ time in the Valley captured a singular time in our culture; this digital era that’s radically transformed the business of sex. PRETTY FILTHY is ultimately a story about trying to make a life and a living in an ever-changing world—a task that’s all the more complicated when your work is so intimately tied to customer “satisfaction.”

The same design team that brought you last season’s knockout hit MR BURNS will reunite this February to bring PRETTY FILTHY to the Abrons Arts Center, a cultural gem in the heart of the Lower East Side.

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The official road to Pretty Filthy has begun. And we are kicking things off with the most tantalizing Kickstarter to date. The perks alone should be enticing enough to check it out. You'll also get insider access to the show's process from director Steve Cosson, bookwriter Bess Wohl, and composer Michael Friedman through campaign updates. Pledge just $1 and you're in! Help us boldly go where no major musical has ever gone before.

Check out our Pretty Filthy podcast episodes, featuring songs from the show and performances of the verbatim interviews that inspired the musical HERE! For quick reference: episodes 48, 49, 50, 51, 53, 54, 55, 57, 64.

This show contains material that is not suitable for children.


Bess Wohl

Music & Lyrics by:
Michael Friedman

Directed by:
Steven Cosson

Laura Nix
Matt Maher
Taylor Wilcox

Literary Associate:
Alex Rosenthal


PRETTY FILTHY had two cabarets, one in February of 2011 at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Los Angeles and one as part of The Civilians' Let Me Ascertain You series at Joe's Pub in March of 2011, in conjunction with Center Theatre Group's commission. The Civilians presented a concert version of the fictional musical at Joe's Pub on November 12, 2012, whose cast can be found HERE.


Pretty Filthy at the Abrons Arts Center

A Pretty Filthy Evening

Project Announcement 2009