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So I’ve learned recently that a lot of porn people are on twitter. I’ve mostly learned exciting things like when people are going to the gym and what they’re having for lunch and mostly it seems that porn stars are eating better than I do. But then again they are on camera naked a lot, and I’m not. Good inspiration to eat some leafy green vegetables. Anyhoo – we’ll be following people through my own twitter @stevecosson and this new one for the project @pornmusical. And we’ll post there too – come follow us into the flesh-o-sphere.


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  1. Alison Hart says:

    If you’re looking for more stars to follow on twitter, there’s a site that aggregates them: http://pornstartweet.com.

  2. Alyss Heart says:

    LOL I was going to say the same thing! http://pornstartweet.com! LOL and wow, our names are similar!! <3

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